Friday, February 19, 2016

"Blurry. Not Blurry."

Anxious Ella face. Roz looking on at her side for moral support. Mama looking on feeling a range of emotions and trying not to cry! 

With growth spurts come changes in vision. Since her eye check up in August, she has definitely grown. When the school nurse eye exam came home last month showing that her vision wasn't 20/20, I reluctantly called her eye doctor for another exam. I have my own reasons for digging my heels in the ground in denial, but at the top of the list was seeing her in glasses, more grown up than ever and less my little baby. Also, I remember getting glasses at the end of fourth grade. It was exciting for about 24 hours and I whined at my mom to get contacts from that point on. (It happened at the end of 8th grade...my poor parents.)

She does look stunning in them as she chose very cool frames! Her official statement was "Blurry...not blurry" as we walked out of the store. I find her looking at something across a room with them on then with them off - her face in amazement.

This morning at school drop off, she asked, "When I have my glasses on I feel like I'm seeing in bright colors."

So, she's getting the feel for it and appreciating all that perhaps she never noticed before.

Not only did Roz bolt over when we got the call the glasses were ready, she was with Ella when she picked out her glasses over the weekend. I am 100% sure that it went as well as it did BECAUSE Roz was there with her.What an awesome little friend she is.

Monday we spent the day being thankful for our presidents with Roz, Olivia and Thomas...and Henry too.

There was a sprinkling of fresh snow which added to the fun. We women-folk hung out in the kitchen and watched in the warmth!

This weekend is #6 Family Day for us. It seems ridiculous to even type six years. We've got a few tricks up our sleeve to celebrate and are delighted to have 55 degree weather tomorrow...in February!

Happy Weekend, Ella-Land! ~H

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