Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Mama Heather vs. First Grade

Batter up, Mama Heather. Apparently there was some talk in the teacher's lounge at Ella's school and Mrs. P told Mr. H that celebrating the Lunar New Year with Ella and me was huge fun last year. When he asked if I would be willing to do it again this year, I had to stop short from typing my response to him IN ALL CAPS BECAUSE I WAS SO EXCITED. More importantly, Ella was stoked to have me teach again too.

So I did.

And I was so busy I took not one photo.

We had taste tests of sesame cakes, Phoenix rolls and a really interesting thing called jelly ice. The kids were required to try their hardest to use chopsticks to eat all three. There was a lot of laughter because picking up jelly ice with chopsticks is no joke. OK, so I took one photo that afternoon of the jelly ice. 

I was bum-rushed with hugs from every single child in that first grade class after teaching for 90 minutes. They helped me read this year and I looked at Mr. H with my mouth hanging open at the confident readers each of them has become. They have soared since I was in the kindergarten class helping out.

Later that day, the Daisies Troop got together for another round of New Year learning. There was more taste-testing. Ella's reaction to shrimp flavored chips. (Smelled so gross.)
And her happy, open face during their drum dance with the girls.

The last few weeks have had some growing pains too. She has shot up like a rocket and the dynamics at school with a few of her friends has been off.

There have been more tears than I care to count. Pouting. Stomping. There has also been a new dragon to watch over her - Fire Ball.

We've had a little bit more of this at bed time too...

Don't think we haven't had time for volcano science experiments, however. Because we have been mad scientists.

We've got another new development on the horizon but more on that next time!


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