Wednesday, January 20, 2016

What we need...

...is one more panda. Because that means we have one more to lose. And for a brief 24 hours we lost her most-favorite Christmas present - in our house. We searched high and low for baby panda with no success. I even interrogated the cats. 

I made a call to my knitting genius who just so happened to have an idea how to re-create the treasured Santa gift. Within 4 hours the following morning, the replacement was in my hands. Shrieks of joy could be heard miles around.

Ella was amazed that Susan (knitting genius) was able to do it. I'm so glad she has an in with Santa's elves.

And then we walked into the dining room to find the MIA baby panda on the floor - in plain sight. Ummm, yeah, the cats. Where on earth they had hidden it the first 24 hours is a mystery. So more shrieks and smiles as now she has TWO baby pandas to keep track of. (Oy)

We were super happy to see Ella's last two homework reading books - both settings in China. Yay Grove Patterson!

While this past weekend was filled with much of the mundane, we did make time for a special little kitten while her owners were gone. It was just like old times with Miss Hannigan.

Ella was secretly thrilled to have her all to herself. Miss Hannigan didn't mind either.

We even got to hang out with some of our favorite peeps on MLK Day. Nothing says negative wind chills like a bouncy house in the basement! Thomas did his MLK meditations in this chair for the entire day. Smart cat, even though he steals baby pandas...


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