Monday, January 11, 2016

Indianapolis isn't just for race cars.

...that city also has one incredible Children's Museum! Katie, Sara and I put our heads together in an effort to make this road trip happen and luckily our schedules lined up. This has been on our radar for some time as we knew there was a China Exhibit there. Nothing about the trip disappointed. 

We made sure the hotel had a pool because c'mon! 

 I was impressed with how well the girls did together - especially the three older girls. (When there are three there is usually drama!) Did I mention that the Dads all got to come along as well? Big fun.

In addition to Chinese caligraphy and cooking, there was a panda reserve. THERE WAS A PANDA RESERVE!!!

We were able to take a peek into what homes in China look like. We showed Ella what her bed may have looked and we giggled at how she's almost outgrown it at 6 years old!

 Here's me, resplendid in Chinese Opera makeup.
 And Larry looking rather regal in is opera outfit.

The museum was fantastic and worth the road trip. The China exhibit alone was worth the trip. We are so glad we made these memories for our girls, for the grown ups.


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