Sunday, January 10, 2016

More of the Jingle Bells and Ho-Ho-Ho.

The baking continued and we absolutely nailed our first time at this recipe. (Man, Ella has beautiful hands.)

 As if things weren't already relaxed at my workplace, they were even more so the week of Christmas. I worked most of the day with these two chatterboxes sharing my desk.

There was no White Christmas this year but Ella had another perfectly made dress from her Grandma.

This year was THE year that Ella relished in all that is magical about Santa and the anticipation of his arrival. We left special food outside for the reindeer and she's certain she heard Santa in the house when she woke up in the middle of the night.

The winning gift was peeking out of her stocking - this hand-made woolen baby panda. Weeks later, and she is still enamored. Baby does not sleep with her like P-Man because she worries he will get lost but he does go in her backpack each day to school to keep P-Man company.

Christmas night was perfect. We hosted the family this year and then walked down to Mom and Dad's for dessert.

The house is finally back in order as we started our first week back to school. Ella was so excited to get back to her school friends and teacher. (Yay Ella!) Currently we are getting our first big snow storm, the wind is whirling little snow tornadoes everywhere and a certain little 6 year old is pretty excited about it all.


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