Monday, July 20, 2015

June bug.

Dad IS handsome, Ella. Way to put the extra touch on the Father's Day gift this year :) A lot sure did happen in June. 

We are still doing our job in growing a healthy kitty in Miss Hannigan, and Thomas and Mavis are doing a very good job being kind to her, if Ella will let her down long enough for them to interact.

Ella did her third year of the Splash program at the local Y. This was the first year parents did not go in the pool with the kids. We were super proud of her confidence even though she still refuses to get her face wet without her mask on.

We met up with a great group of neighborhood kids for a fun day complete with outdoor picnic at our Museum.

This is Ella pouting because Roz wouldn't dance with her. Yep.

The weather this summer has been a little off. It has rained way more than it needed to, the temps have been unusually cool too. But when it is nice, we take advantage of it. On a work-from-home day these two pea pods played in Ella's small pool (that hasn't gotten nearly enough play) and soaked up sun while I worked at my laptop in the shade. I'm so thankful for that flexibility at work.
And the front porch has had some good stuff too - the band had a recent practice out there and it was awesome!
The cicadas are singing their songs which means this summer is rounding third, so to speak. And I'm not ready...at all.


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