Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Catch up post. Yikes!

This feels like four months ago. It was a month ago. This poor little baby girl found her way to the safe place that is our back yard.

Through the assistance of our awesome Humane Society, we have spent a great many hours doctoring her back to health, carrying her and loving on her, showing her that it is safe to play.
Intermixed, we have been enjoying our first full month being school-free!

Then worked in a major haircut for our girl!

Our Art Museum gave us a great free Saturday night of fun.

And then we introduced Miss Hannigan to Thomas and Mavis. Holy Toledo was it touch and go for a while...

God love them, they have figured it out. If we get our way, Roz will be adopting her once we get her to fighting weight and completely healthy. The thought of not seeing her anymore is more than I can handle, any of us really.
We also got to celebrate the one year anniversary of Addy's Family Day. Yay for Addy! It was a perfect summer night of swimming and ice cream sundaes and sun.

Month one down and it has been such big fun. We can still find Ella up in her room 'teaching' to her class but not at nearly the regularity as before. She hasn't skipped a beat with her good reading either. If we can hog-tie her long enough, she breezes through a book cover to cover. Hello July 4th weekend!! Be safe, Ella-Land.


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