Monday, July 27, 2015

Independence Celebrated!

Not everyone gets to start off their July 4th having breakfast with one of Toledo's best Americana bands. We did and have the selfie to prove it.

From there, we hopped in a car with my brother and niece to celebrate Christian's independence from Kent State University by way of a road trip to Columbus. He's got a big boy job, a brand new set of wheels and is everything we thought he would be.
Uncle Ken and Aunt Sharon were both in town from Florida so we drug them along too.

We landed back home at dinnertime and by the grace of God, I had enough energy to pack up the car so we could enjoy fireworks downtown with the Harrison family for what appears to be an annual tradition now!
The Mama Heather/Joey selfie.
The kids ran wild. We released lanterns into the night sky, there were popper fights, sparklers and crazy scooter chases.
And when it got dark enough, the first boom released from across the river...and Ella was in our car with the windows rolled up. She may never outgrow the sheer terror that noise gives her. (Never mind she can sit in a small restaurant and listen to live music without hesitation.)

As fast as I put her down in bed, she was out cold. And her little foster baby was right there to keep her safe.
Celebrating America's birthday is hard stuff.


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