Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Happy Birthday to us and a few other cool things.

I have been working on this post for seven days! Sheesh. There has been so much going on as we wind up Ella's last bit of Kindergarten. Never did I think it would go this quickly. Poof - school year gone.

Ella and I had great birthday filled with ice cream sundaes with our peeps. She opted for no big party this year. Because she made my life easier, we were able to have everyone over on May 19 instead of doing it the weekend before or after. Yay for everyone! 

But before May 19, I got to hang out with my girls and create art with one of our city's best artists. 

And then we finished up our music school with Miss Cheryl. Ella and Roz are one step closer to playing the piano!

All that hard work called for ice cream cones.

Big smiles from the birthday girls before heading to school and work!

Larry and I surprised Ella at school and brought homemade brownies for both kindergarten classes. Not only did the lunch room sing happy birthday to Ella, but the little cutertons sang for me too!

I split from school to have my feet pampered a bit.

Ella came home to a special surprise from our neighbors Rey and Rosemary.

And then the chaos ensued.
She was so surprised by her scooter! Her recent Annie kick has overshadowed her ongoing requests from the months prior. She wanted a scooter and she wanted it to be a 'big girl' one.

She's not overly thrilled with the mandatory helmet wearing but she's getting better each day.

Special Delivery from her Uncle JB
Here we are - another year older with such big smiles! 
And an honorable mention to Mama Sara Ho for getting this picture of the two of us and this sweet collage below. Everyone made our birthdays perfect!

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