Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Do you see what I see?

(Looking through her big blue marble) "It has magical powers. When the night rises, the dark powers move and they close the gateway." ~Ella April 28, 2015

Kid, you slay us. We are 21 days away from the last day of school. You have grown leaps and bounds in your sense of self since that first day of school. And we may not always see what you see but we love learning about your take on life.

You still switch hands when writing or coloring. It seems as though when one hand gets tired it is just as easy for you to trade and keep on moving.

We could not keep you off your bike if we tried. And although those training wheels are still helping you along, I bet that will change before the summer is over. There was a free bike clinic at school on Friday. A shiny new bike helmet and a tune up with your sweet friends made for big giggles. You are not a fan of the helmet basically because you can't stand much on your head as a rule.

But you look super cute in it!

These two...

You not only picked me a fantastic bouquet of violets, you arranged it in this vase because 'they all need to drink water, mom.'
 Saturday morning breakfast with Daddy-o and the band, and some of our favorite peeps from our neighborhood.

And more fun on Sunday in the 'hood.

 Ella, you would have a slumber party every day of your life if you could. You would slip your little self snugly in between your Daddy and me. We know it won't last but watching your sheer joy in being that close to us makes us fools.
We've got a big day coming up, almost 6 year old. Wiggly teeth, more angst and growing even taller are in our future. In the meantime, we are going to soak up as much of your five-year-old self as we can in the next 14 days. ~H

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