Friday, May 15, 2015


Hoping all who celebrate had a great Mother's Day. Almost in an act of defiance, I took not one photo that day. So unlike me! I did take this the day before, however. I think it makes up for all that I may have missed.

Mother's Day morning, I had coffee served to me in bed, breakfast awaiting me in the kitchen, fresh flowers, handmade cards and Eskimo nose rubs from my girl during Ahmen.

My other child, Roz, sent me a perfect card...

 ...and Ella's teacher outdid herself this year. She compiled a book "All About my Mom" (wherein Ella listed my age as 80) and a cookbook. The recipes were completely from the students' perspectives. Ella's is hysterical - "12 minutes on hot - that's 7 degrees". I am super proud that she remembered to include instructions about washing hands before eating.

One of the best things every happened last week, too! Roz and her family have landed in their new home. Gone are the days of the 20 minute one-way trip to their house. We are now about 3 minutes away from each other and it is fantastic. Their home is fantastic! Everything is fantastic!

Ella was invited to celebrate Rufus's birthday where she was the only girl. You go, Ella. I get such a charge out of how well you hang with your male counterparts. 

Our neighbor is opening up her consign/design shop about two blocks away. We stopped in to check things out. I think you can tell by Ella's smile how proud we are of our friend. In fact, tonight I am going there with Katie and Sara to get creative while Patrick 'gets bossed' by Roz and Ella.

Happy Friday, Ella-Land!! ~H

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