Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dear Ella, You've Come A Long Way Baby.

These images will be forever burned in my memory. Admit it - yours too!! The brutality that hit you, that hit us when you ventured off on your first day of school still overwhelms me a little.  

Fast forward to June 1, 2015. Look at you shine now, Ella Man Li! I'm not going to lie to you, it took a lot of patience, a lot of reassuring and a very good kindergarten teacher, Mrs. P. It also took a ridiculously awesome group of classmates. I am so happy that you get to be in the same class with them until 8th grade. Sure, some may move away but for the most part, this posse will grow together in a million ways. I've fallen in love with each of your buds, Ella. Helping out in your class each week helped you, it helped me and it helped Mrs. P. Win-Win-Win! 

You are still spending most of your free time 'teaching' in your bedroom. You have this exacting system down. You are your happiest with a dry erase marker in one hand perched at your white board and the other going through notes and books and all sorts of things you've stashed away as you boss your imaginary class. 

"Pandas are cute because they are just cute!" ~ Ella Meyer

"My favorite things are swinging."
 You are snoring next to me right now after your very last day with Mrs. P and the class. We took a field trip to your favorite park. We picnicked. We walked trails. And you spent every other free second plastered to a swing.

Just before dozing off you whispered to me, "What if everything was made of swings and the swings went all the way to China?" The smile on your face was so wide, sweet girl. It tells me that you hold China close in your heart.

My picnic mates.

We had this much fun, all four hours!

Lilian and Ella, so perfectly matched to be buds.
 Tomorrow morning, you'll dress up and with the other kindergartners, sing your hearts out and march down the aisle for your graduation. You've already announced that I will cry happy tears the whole time. There may be a few sad ones in there too, baby girl. For as happy as I am with the huge strides you've made in less than a year, I still miss my rosy-cheeked baby, Guan Man Li.

You've come so far. We couldn't be happier with the little six year old you've become. You are amazing and complicated and funnier than hell.

Let's do this so we can do all the things this summer. Adventures await us.

Love, Mama

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