Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shall We Dedicate All January Posts to This Frozen Tundra?!

It is January 29 and Ella has been in school 3 days this month due to snow and below zero temperatures. Any type of schedule or routine has been completely dismantled - for her, for me, for us. I cannot thank my parents enough for pinch-hitting during this ridiculousness that is our January. I'm also thankful for our employers. We've been able to work from home more because of them.
The Chinese New Year celebrations are SUPPOSED TO begin on Friday. Ella and I are going to school together, assuming it will be open, and share traditions with her class. The Year of the Horse begins! We will be gathering with our local FCC families on Sunday for chaos and food and are so looking forward to that.
In the meantime, we are reading and resting. AGAIN.

Taking a moment to enjoy the sunshine and thankful for the little warmth it provides when our curtains and blinds aren't pulled tight.

I am recycling old toys to keep Ella interested. As a result, I've spent some quality time stepping on these and trying to keep the cats from eating them.

We all migrate to the kitchen in the afternoon for warmth and sunbathing...even Mavis!

Due to the routine-upside-down-situation, nap and bed times have been challenging. "I miss you!" "I need you!" "Come check on me again?" The weather hasn't been the only thing brutal, this too, is right up there. I had a full schedule of things I wanted to check off my list once she was in bed for the night. It became apparent no check marks were going to happen. I grabbed my book and her and we piled in bed at 8:45. After an hour of her non-stop chatter, she was snoring peacefully. Just. Like. This.

So I watched her sleep - I lost track of how long - and then struggled to pick up her limp, long body to deposit it back in her own bed.

I requested a copy of Wizard of Oz DVD from our library. It came in on Monday. Timing has been perfectly orchestrated for a continuous OZ FEST at our house!!!

Yesterday's temperatures were somewhere around 20 below. (Without wind chill factored in.) Several of my neighborhood mamas and I had orchestrated an afternoon get-together for the kids over a week ago. With everything canceled, we saved our sanity and moved it to the morning. We are tough and desperate - temperature warnings or not! Sophie and Mama Jess were incredible hosts.

Bird's eye view from Sophie's playroom

Ella, Sophie, Josh, Claire and Piper in art heaven.

Mama Jess and Ella in heavy train making discussions.

Such a peaceful image.

"Mom this wasn't a bad idea", said Ella.

New Year's Resolution Success: Get mamas in front of camera more!
Mama Jess gets into the playroom jam session.

I am thankful Larry told me we were escaping the house for dinner and drinks last night. It was necessary. Really.

On a very somber note, our city's fire department lost two firefighters in a blaze on Sunday. It has been over 50 years since this has happened. Because we have connections, Ella heard me rather quietly freak out about the news as it unfolded. We didn't know either of the men but this city is grieving. We told Ella the truth and I told her we could do something, even if small. So we baked because feeding souls...well, it is what we do. And our friends Brooke and Piper baked. And there were homemade cards.

This morning before we headed to the car for drop off at my mom's, Ella said, "I wonder if they are having fun playing with the dogs." "Who, Ella?", I asked. "The firemen, mom...in heaven with our doggies that are there." I drove straight to our neighborhood fire station. We handed over our offerings with gentle smiles and love.


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