Tuesday, January 14, 2014

4:45 am wake up call.

Nothing like starting your day at 4:45am. For whatever reason, Ella woke up crying. And although I got her calmed down, she NEVER shut her eyes again. So here we are at 8:05am, and it feels like 2pm. Work-From-Home-Tuesday could go 50 kinds of wrong before this day is over...
After a false start on Friday, (school was cancelled at the very last minute) Ella was beyond excited yesterday to pull up in her school parking lot. She screamed out the window in joy.

We had fun waiting for her friends to arrive.
Grandma and Papa watched Ella for a bit on Friday night so that I could escape to watch Larry and the band play.
Other than watching the mermaid monster swim and tripping over the cats sleeping in the sunshine, it was a pretty low-key weekend.

KatieRoz are visiting the family in Florida all week so Ella is doing an awful lot of whining about missing her buddy. But we have orchestrated a gathering at our art museum on Thursday with Thomas and some of our neighborhood friends. I suspect that will help turn her frown around.

Happy Tuesday, Ella-Land! ~H


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