Tuesday, January 7, 2014

one hundred and twenty hours of photographs.

Blizzard of 2014. Nikon. Smart phone.

On Friday night we braved the pre-blizzard temperatures to watch Wizard of Oz with our favorite Dorothy, Lana and Gabe.

The venue was our very own historical theatre.

Before hitting the grocery store with all the millions stocking up, we stocked up on giggles from RJ and Isabella!

Then we treated ourselves to dinner outside of our home and good margaritas!

Sunday, reality set in about 2pm...

Photo by Ella

But not before we bundled up to make our snowman. Even our next door neighbor Jim joined in the fun.

It was one of the more beautiful storms. Crazy or not, I bundled up Ella and walked her down to my parents Sunday night. She giggled the entire way...and then spent the night!


We have been housebound since Sunday. We completed our snow removal around noon on Monday, but not without coming in to warm up in intervals, drink warm stuff and check emails (see below).

Ice formations on our windows...-40 below will do that.

Even when the sun finally broke out in all its glory, it has still been dangerously bitter.

We've been thankful for our kitchen sunbathing spots during our lockdown!

Because we're borderline stir-crazy, we have been holding firm on naptimes so that we could all get a break from each other. And I'm happy to say that we are taking some of our best winter naps during this blizzard!

Mavis on the assist during wake-up.

I have also had to choose my battles a little. Normally, Thomas is not allowed to lounge on the kitchen table. But it was one of the best spots in the house during the afternoon sunglow.

Tomorrow, we hope the lockdown will be lifted (a Level Three Emergency in our parts) so that we can escape. We know Ella's school is canceled again for tomorrow morning. We are really hoping she returns to routine by Friday!

Stay warm, Ella-land!!


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