Friday, January 24, 2014

Last week in pictures.

The whole polar vortex thing has returned. For the first time this morning, my car told me it was -8 outside which doesn't factor in the coldness one feels with a wind chill. So, we're cold. But we have a warm home that (knock on wood) hasn't suffered any frozen pipes. We are feeding our birds and squirrels like a new parent feeds a newborn.
Thomas has the right idea. I found him here in Ella's bed waiting for her. Ella continues to be thick as thieves with these two. She did suffer a three inch scratch across her cheek yesterday. She wanted to carry him around like a baby; he wanted to play.

The sun continues to shine beautifully.

Thomas is my bud. He follows me like a dog where Mavis is a bit more content nestled up in a ball somewhere.

Ella's Shu-Shu Jeff came over bearing gifts for his girl. When she unwrapped this sucker I thought she was going to faint. I almost did as well.

We ventured out to the Museum for some fun with our neighbor kids and mamas. Ella was a tad bashful. All of the children were younger than her. None of her 'regulars' could make it. I loved getting the chance to hang with some of the grown ups and she eventually found her groove. But she is a creature of habit and if I heard it once, I heard it a dozen times, "It just doesn't feel right being here without Rozzie."

Creating a shadow box.

She drew these simultaneously, double fisted with chalk!

Chatterbox. Chatterbox. Chatterbox. Although she is quiet, reserved in new settings and with people she may not see regularly, the girl does not stop talking any other time. Nap-Quiet time is no exception. She carries on full-blown conversations with Panda working on the details of the day. Without fail, she scurries out of bed to her bookshelf, grabs her small Bible and hunkers down in the covers. She reads aloud. The stories always start out the same: A woman with gold coins, the woman talking to Jesus and Jesus being kind to her when no one else would be. Lately, the stories have become more complex of Mary and Joseph wanting Jesus to grow up to be strong. And long journeys on donkeys...with a lot of walking.

For a girl who (still) cannot tolerate one thing out of place in her room before falling into bed, I find it comforting that her Bible is never returned to the bookshelf. She leaves it in bed with her as she dozes off for her cat nap. Realize, not one thing can sleep in or on her bed except Panda and herself - no other animals, toys or blankets - it throws her way off.  But the Bible gets special treatment, or gives special comfort. Either way? Excellent.

And finally, a big round of applause to Larry for painting the upstairs bathroom this past week. I did not pick up the paint brush or roller once. He spent evenings up there with his daughter under foot, or perched at the door. I stayed away as the two of them solved the world's problems. She has officially entered the "My Daddy is My Boyfriend And I Kinda Want to Marry Him" stage. And Larry has fallen more in love with her :)

Happy Weekend, Ella-Land! ~H

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