Sunday, April 14, 2013

Wearing blue and other happenings.

Here in Ella-land, Wednesday was Wear Blue to support child abuse prevention. Our local yarn lady 'bombed' just about anything she could to rally awareness. Bombs were made by knitters locally, across the world and even Newtown, CT and shipped to her. Unfortunately, the weather was ridiculously lousy...but it didn't stop us.



And then there was dancing. Because Larry was busy at work in his office (you can see his building in the distance - the dark brown gingerbread looking one), the girls performed a bit for him while dodging cold raindrops.


The girls then took us to the fabric store. My mom is making the girls pillow sleeping-bag mats. After an hour of "I want this one!", the girls made their selections. Any guesses on who picked the pretty kitties and who picked the rockets??

So perfectly balanced, these two.
Our weekend was filled with FCC friends in kind of a whirlwind-last-minute-great-way. We met up with Ava and her parents at our museum on Friday night complete with a surprise from Roz when we had an ice cream nightcap.

On Saturday morning we bundled up (rain, wind gray AGAIN) for a playground fundraiser carnival at the Metro Park just up the road. It was indoors thankfully :)

Forget about all the cute games Emmett, Ava, Roz and Ella played, or all the silly plastic toys they won. There. Was. Cotton. Candy.

This will prove one thing: Ella doesn't get cotton candy a whole lot.

She held the paper cone of air blown sugar for at least five minutes, marveling at its beauty. All of the parents were giddy at her giddiness to the point that she asked me to turn her around so that no one would watch her savor each bite! Funny girl.



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