Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The post before the Easter post.

Late last week, we had a whole lot of cute at our house. Ella hosted a play group of friends from our neighborhood mom's group (+ Roz, of course). The weather wasn't good for outdoor play so I shifted furniture, unloaded the toy boxes and let them have at it. For over two years now, we've been a part of this group. Ella is finally engaging and playing with the other kids. Way to go!

Josh entertaining Ella
Ella showing Mama Jess proper Etch A Sketch techniques
The crowd thinned out and Daddy-O came home from work to witness the bedlam. Translation: DANCE PARTY IN THE BASEMENT!!

While Larry played the drums, the kids joined in with instruments and dancing. And when everyone left, Ella cried a river. She wanted her 'big party' back. She wanted to have a lot of beds at our house so all of her friends could sleep with her. She further melted down with, "I don't want my big party, I want my HUGE party back!!" She slept very well that night and we continue to feel blessed with such a wonderful community to raise her.

Hands down, the most favorite spiritual part of Easter for us is Good Friday. And for one day a year, Larry and I are Episcopalian.

We meet up with our friend Jeff and attend a noontime service in this jewel of a church downtown. It is other-worldly, somber, beautiful. It recharges us. And it is one of the only worship experiences I get without Ella, which really recharges me.

After spending the entire day with my mom on Friday, a monumental fit was thrown that Ella could not spend the night with her grandparents. Not only that, it came out of left field. I thought she'd move on to something else before the night was over. Nope. So, after they returned home from evening church and a trip to the grocery store, I carted her down the street...at 9pm...for a sleepover. Bless their hearts.

As much as I wanted to sleep until noon, I zoomed down there early to pick her up. We spent a bit of time on the kitchen counter that morning solving the world's problems.

And filling up the sand box!!!

And did a little gardening to find these sweet wee ones peeking up.

Spring is having a very hard time springing in our parts. Fingers are crossed for a warm up soon!


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