Friday, April 5, 2013

How I almost...

...beat you in front of the Risen Lord.

I apologize. This is probably not how you thought my Easter 2013! blog post would begin. When you are living with a near-four-year-old powerhouse, not much begins the way you plan.

She seemed cute and happy enough to be in perfect form for Easter Sunday at Ah-men. I mean, she was blowing the trumpet for Pete's sake! "Her room" (the nursery) was filled with new faces. The sanctuary was packed long before start time (woohoo!). Her radar was heightened, things weren't the same. How dare we change things up!

We sit in the same general area during worship. In fact, for my near 45 years I'd venture to guess my family has graced that general spot the entire time. When Ella realized someone different was in our pew she lost it. And by lost it I don't mean cried silent tears and pouted...she screamed MOOOOOOM at the top of her lungs, and cried, and stomped her feet, and ended up on the ground in her awesome Easter frock made by my mom. I walked away. She screamed louder. Onlookers watched on trying desperately not to burst into laughter which was fine because I too almost found it laughable.

So yes, I almost lost my religion on the kid in front of the Risen Lord. I think He was even laughing a bit. (And she did get it together and turn on the angelic awesome behavior for the entire service.)

And her dress was beautiful.

Chilly, wet beginning to the day.

She was amazingly cooperative and imaginative in her poses.

Hands-on-hips-bossy-face is NOT a pose. This is the norm.

My brother hosted a smaller family gathering that day. Even though Ella was the only little sprout, he had eggs hidden for just her. (spoiled) The sun finally peeked out and so did Lambeau. He is one cute puppy.

Allison and Grant. Hard to believe he's graduating from college next month!

Cousin Dawn with Mom.
Busy mind getting ready to issue wake-up call to Grant.
Music with Papa.
Oh and the horn was in the Easter basket. The Easter Bunny did not deliver the basket or come to our house. Ella was petrified about the concept of this huge human-animal thing coming to her house while she was asleep. So, we told her the truth - that we would have a basket waiting for her that morning. Forget most of the candy, it was this horn that made her happiest.

When you have a horn and a duck that sings "You Are My Sunshine", compliments of Grandma and Papa, you really don't need anything else.

Happy Friday! ~H

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