Wednesday, April 24, 2013

My Daddy Does Cool Stuff.

Dear Daddy,
I want you to know how cool it is that music is so much of my young life. More times than not, I fall asleep to the sound of your drums creeping up through the furnace vents in the evening. I like your bandmates a lot. In fact, I like them so much I spend a great deal of time being bashful around them. When our traveling musician friends come through Ella-land for performances, it makes me happy that they stay under our roof (sometimes taking up every bed and couch available). You and mommy are teaching me to be kind and to share what we have with others, unless of course it is my Thomas Train and that is another story entirely.
I get to go to grown-up places sometimes to watch you play. This is a big deal for me, especially when we go to the place that has the HUGE bowl of suckers (you know what I'm talking about!). Mommy and you do a really good job of including me in your world.
Whether you know it or not, I'm paying attention. And your recent blood, sweat and tears behind the 4th Annual Raise Some Cash fundraiser for the food pantry located at our church is a big deal. Like last year, I will help you get things together for Sunday's event. I'm looking forward to some good Johnny Cash dance parties this weekend to get us ready.
I don't really understand how God is always with us, like mommy says, because I don't see Her. (God is a She, you know.) You tell me that God wants us to be kind. I think God will be with us on Sunday and that She's already happy at the kindness you and all our musician friends and artists are showing those who need our help. 


You do cool stuff, Daddy-o. You are teaching me that serving can take all sorts of twists and turns and that's even cooler.

Love, Ella Man Li

PS: Of course, Mommy does cool stuff too :)

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