Tuesday, January 22, 2013

So cold, mind lost.

It is painfully cold today. It is so cold and nearly disorienting that we got to school before I realized Panda wasn't with us. After a legendary meltdown in the car, it was decided (translation: I caved) I would buzz back home to get Panda and return with him. I am happy to report that Ella didn't ask for him once, even after I hightailed it back to deliver him to her teacher. I've spent an amazing amount of time talking this up: that Ella CAN survive - and survive famously - without Panda pressed firmly to her nose.

I can't blame the cold weather entirely. I also blame Ella who was so determined to get out the back door today to check out the dusting of snow. It took everything I had to corral her into the car.

Her coat should be zipped - no question. It is 15 below windchill. I'm feeling like Mom of the Year that her coat was even on before she bolted!

And last night was terrific. Roz's grandparents are in town and the girls, the parents and the grandparents met at our favorite Mexican Restaurant. It is hard to imagine our lives without all of them; it feels like they've always been here.

Katie got a new iPhone and the girls had fun photographing themselves.
New to Ella's vocabulary?  "Speaking of which..." and she almost always uses it correctly.

I'll leave you with a little blues playin' on this cold winter day.


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