Monday, January 21, 2013

Snuggle time.

Baby it's cold outside. And when it is this cold, watching the sun peek out in the mornings is especially gratifying.

It would only seem fitting that Baby Girl would start feeling lousy when none of us feel like going out in the elements. Good timing, Ella! We spent a good deal of time laying around on Saturday and Sunday snuggling, watching some of her favorite shows.

And being a screwball...

She was able to work on her self-portrait skills and found a little spunk to play hairdresser with her Daddy-O.

Before every single sleep (nap or night), we read. It can often be a debate on how many books we'll read or how long the books will be. It can especially make naptime prep a drawn out stall routine. The last three days, she has singled out this book: "Let's read the Obama book, Mama." (With his inauguration just today, I find her timing impeccable.)

My parents bought it for her. It is a wonderful book and she marvels at the stories of thirteen significant Americans. Billie Holiday, Neil Armstrong and Albert Einstein are her favorites and I love her well-rounded interest. One day, she'll be reading in her window seat without my help. Until then, I will gladly snuggle up with her and lose my voice reading. (Sidenote: Larry is always a part of this if he's home, directed to sit in her window seat by bossy.)


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