Friday, October 26, 2012

Warm breezes.

Boy have we enjoyed them! This past week we flew down to South Carolina to join my parents for a mini-vacation. The weather was perfect. (Pictures from that adventure later.)

We came home to the last bit that summer had to offer. Our timing was excellent. We took advantage of a late afternoon romp at the park with Roz and Thomas, too.

And this Mama hung those sheets out on the clothesline one last time for the season.

Our schedules are way, way off. (Translation: Ella's in sleep deprivation mode.) The ripple affect is crippling. If Baby Girl ain't happy then pretty much no one is happy. We had a very big day today at a private show from the circus that's in town (Sorry...more on that later too!) for our FCC group; we have cousin Lily's first birthday party tomorrow and a Chinese acrobat show on Sunday afternoon. Whew!!

Updates coming at you later. Until then, enjoy the weekend!

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