Friday, October 5, 2012

A day at the orchard.

Funny how times flies. I've certainly written that a thousand times before. I feel like Katie and I were just at the orchard with our little pips in tow. It wasn't until I reviewed the images from a year ago that I realized they really aren't toddlers anymore.
They are little women, ready to rule the world and stuff.

See what I mean? A year ago they looked all innocent and timid, still in diapers with humble little pig tails. There wasn't anything timid about this year's outing!

There was also a shift in cooperation: Ella was fantastic with Shutterbug Mama Heather, Roz was not.

Not often do you see a 'time out' in a pumpkin patch. I promise you I did not alter the color of those trees. It was that stunning. So was Roz's fit.

Before it was over, I hopped in the corn fields and drug the two little ones in too. I'll admit that it was a little overwhelming with those huge stalks towering over us. And it was kind of like being in a sound-proof booth - all outside noises quieted once we were in there. Roz stuck it out longer than Ella.

I love these two. They are opposites in nearly everything yet compliment each other so perfectly.

And on the pre-school progress? Huge. Ella expressed disappointment that she had to wait until Tuesday of next week to go back. Ring the bells!!! I think she's over the hurdle!

Happy Weekend, Ella-land! ~H

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