Monday, July 16, 2012

"Look at me! Look at me!

Look at me NOW! It is fun to have fun but you have to know how.”  ~ Dr. Seuss

This past week has been full of lots of fun. It has also been a learning/teaching week for this Mama and Daddy (more on that later!).

Most recently, Uncle Trent was in town for a party that we all attended Saturday night. There was a laughter-filled Cat in the Hat dress up session. We're quite certain she is crushing on him these days and was sad to see him leave.

We also did this: Vacation Bible School, Dance Class, Downtown Art Walk, and a neighborhood Kids N' Cocktails gathering. It is no wonder that I collapsed yesterday when she took her three hour nap!

Vacation Bible School was not a big hit. I think a variety of factors contributed, and having me there volunteering only made her cry more. My word, did she cry and fuss and beg to go home. The complexities of our Ella seem to unfold in waves. (We are riding a big wave these days.) There are no pictures of her with her 3 year-old class but I did snap a few of her with a classmate, Chase. He too was having a pretty emotional day on Thursday so I let the two of them hang together.

And as if a switch flips, she's this entertaining, social little pip with her new friend. Like I said, big learning curve right now...

This past week also brought about another new adventure: a summer dance class. BFF Roz and she are both attending on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The class consists of about 15 two and three year old girls. There is wall-to-wall cuteness! The class is only 30 minutes long and will continue through the end of July. Translation: This class is exactly 29 1/2 minutes and four weeks longer than Ella wants it to be.

She is painfully bashful in this setting as well. I end up sitting on the dance floor within a few feet of where she reluctantly stands just so that she won't cry...the entire session...which she still ends up doing. I see the sparkle in her eye. She wants to dance. But in front of anyone other than me or her Daddy? Nope. I am praying that this week is less stressful for both of us!

After Thursday's disastrous VBS session and dance session, Ella and Mama went to a nearby ice cream joint for dinner. Yes, ice cream for dinner. The transformation was miraculous. Because of this new-found zest for life, we headed downtown to meet up with Larry for the monthly Art Walk.

The temptation nearly killed me after the day we'd had. A beer for $1??? Even Ella thought it was a fantastic offer!  Instead, we strolled the streets, ducking into different galleries while Larry played music nearby.

Our work week ended perfectly with our neighborhood mom's group Kids N Cocktails. The location rotates but the ground rules remain the same: bring your kids, a few beverages, food to share. The kids run wild for a few hours, you scoop up your own and make the trek back to your doorstep. It is brilliant and we stroll home from these always cheering on how awesome our neighborhood is. Ella joins in. And when a bouncy house of some sort is included (like this past Friday), Ella really voices her opinion on the awesomeness.

We managed to scrub down her dirty little self before letting her head hit the pillow. But no pictures, Mama!!

My fingers are crossed that this week is easier in dance class. She doesn't have to moon walk (yet). I'd be overjoyed with just a few more smiles.

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