Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A book finished.

Simba has been with me for just about 18 years. She has stood by me through some of my more defining moments and those that were less than stellar. Apartments. Houses. Marriage. A child. She wasn't just a few chapters in my life, in our life. She was a whole book.

Today, we laid her old soul to rest. Let me rephrase that - Larry did. My strong husband did what I simply could not find the strength to do. I applaud him and love him a thousand times over for taking the reigns.
Simba fell in love with Larry immediately. We often joked about how she put the moves on him better than me. It was a mutual admiration society.

Simba's love for Ella took a bit longer. By the time we became a three-some, she was rather set in her ways. But the two girls had a wonderful respect for each other. And Ella would surprise us from time to time with her outright adoration. It would be no surprise that she asked Simba to join us today for storytime before Ella's nap. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. It nearly put me over the edge.

We will ease into telling Ella about Simba's absence. She may notice immediately, or it could take a few days. I am hoping for the delay so I have my wits about me.

And I would be remiss if I didn't share the story of how Simba acquired her name. My very young niece Allison and nephew Christian were star-struck with The Lion King. (Both kids in college now!) I allowed them to name her. I tried to point out that Simba was the male lion, not the female. They could have cared less. And so it was.

Our world is incredibly quiet today. Simba talked more than any other cat I've met. I am certain she's found a good audience for all that she has to say but we will miss her nagging so, so much...


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