Sunday, July 22, 2012

Five Goldfish. One Pirate Party. One More Good-bye.

Friday night was a long over-due grown up night for us. Ella spent the night with Grandma and Papa and we stayed out til the wee hours of the morning enjoying a great night of music in our little corner of the world. Ella enjoyed a fun night as well and greeted me with a fishbowl and five goldfish Saturday morning. Yep. It was that good! We have lost one of the fish already but she seems oblivious there are only four swimming around today. Whew. Another death talk was NOT what I wanted.

We went to a pirate party for our little neighborhood buddy, Josh, on Saturday afternoon. Always the reluctant one, Ella did more observing than participating. We were happy to be included and the treasure chest gift box party favor was an enormous hit. And nothing says Sunday morning at Ah-men like a pirate boat tattoo on your forearm.

We handled our last good-bye for this week - and hopefully for quite a while. Our pastor of eight years is off to a new adventure. The photo above was taken at Ella's baptism just about two years ago. (Ella looks like a stuffed baby doll in this photo!) Ella has spent nearly every Sunday morning in this sanctuary listening to our pastor's voice. And I know she's listening because her latest morsel is "good news", something often discussed. "Mama, I've got some good news here for you." And just last week, "I have to take this box with me to Ah-men to hold all my good news." Pretty great, huh?  Larry and our pastor shared a love for music. Not many can say they went to see Dylan with their pastor! It was a nice fit for us.  So, we adjust and move on and see what comes next for the church we call home.

So that when Ella and I went for a long bike ride tonight and I looked up at the sky and saw this...

...I thought it was a pretty perfect ending to an otherwise imperfect week. And I believe the little girl on the swings was the cherry on top.

Have a great week, Ella-land! ~H

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