Sunday, July 8, 2012

Fireworks...not her Top Ten.

Our July 4 Family Self-Portrait
We spent a wonderful evening with forever friends on July 4th. The kids had fun. The grown ups had fun. We ate like royalty.

Ella and Ike

The little blow up pool helped cool off the ankle-biters and sweet RJ took time away to play at the water table with Ella. There's no question: Ella is super, super sweet on RJ.

See what I mean?
Their community fireworks blast off so perfectly, that their backyard provides the best seats around. So does their living room. Where it is quiet from all the booms and whistles...which is where Ella took it all in. As we suspected, she was unhinged at the first boom. So, we adapt. Next year might be easier for her, or not. We'll figure it out along the way and not pressure her.

What she DID do was make her own fireworks earlier that morning, out of dried pasta. While I cooked party food in the kitchen, she sat in her booster seat for over an hour working on her creation. Not bad, Ella!

Have a good week, Ella-Land. Hope to get some pool pics up later this week :)


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