Tuesday, February 21, 2012

We remember that crystal clear morning, bright blue sky and firecrackers.

Happy 2nd Forever Family Day to us!! There are some memories about that Sunday morning, halfway around the world in Kunming that are forever burned in my mind. And that clear air (not uncommon in Kunming), bright sun and the remnants of new year firecrackers popping loudly as we drove off with that pink-cheeked bundle in our arms are as bright as ever.

Lexie and her mama, Ella and her daddy
And her cheeks!

With her nannies from the orphanage


“If we had it to do over again
Adoption is what we'd choose.
We got more than we had hoped for
The day we adopted you.

For you have given us more in life
Than we could ever want or need.
You made our house into a home
And made our family complete.

We love you more than life itself
for all the things you say and do.
And if we had it to do over again
You'd be the only one we'd choose..”

The last two years have gone so, so fast, haven't they? What a gift Guan Man Li has been to all of us. Thank you for being with us there, here and in the days to come.

~H, L & EML

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