Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Ice skating revisited.

The video from Sunday night showed our girl hesitant, but at least happy. Here she was before the video started rolling. She couldn't wait to hit the ice but got pretty overwhelmed when she realized how difficult it was to stay upright.

And then the walkers came out! Ella isn't a huge risk-taker, so the walker really helped her feel comfortable. And her concentration was exceptional.

I just love the expression on her face...and her tongue! The more she concentrated, the more her tongue popped out.

JT keeping a watchful eye on his girl
And what could be better than ice skating for the first time, but to have some of her favorite muscians along for the night?! JT and Allison are our wonderful friends and currently traveling the states on tour. We were happy to open our home to them for a few days this week as they enjoyed some down time in between Midwest performances. Ella was equal parts bashful and in awe that we had others living with us. Alli introduce Ella to "Dinah", her new ukulele. Suffice it to say that Ella's fascination with anything resembling a guitar is over the top at this point. Ella got to strum the strings and touch "Dinah" with a wide-eyed grin. Their last night here, Alli serenaded Ella before bedtime. Sweet heavens, it brought me to tears...such a touching few moments.

JT (he really is that tall), Alli, Ella and Larry!


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