Friday, February 3, 2012

Can We Talk?

Over the last few weeks, I've been making a conscious effort to jot down some of Ella's unique conversations with me. I'll admit that sometimes these make there way on to a piece of toilet paper as I rush to get it down before it escapes me.

"I'll be right back mom, in case you're asking for me."

E: "Can I have fruitsnacks?"
M: "No. It's too close to dinnertime."
E: "That makes me sad."

E: "What's that noise?"
M: "Simba (cat) is getting sick, Ella."
E: "Can I step in it?"
M: "Oh no!"
E: "It would be slippery, wouldn't it? I would fall down!"

M: "Ella, you're asking mama a thousand questions right now. Could you try patience patience tick-tock tick-tock?"
E: "It's stress really, mom."

Our bedtime routine is full of rituals. For example, only I can read her special book about saying goodnight to the moon. If I'm not home, she will not allow her daddy to read it. After the three of us have storytime, daddy handles the rest. Including snuggle time. A recent snuggle time conversation went like this:

D: "Isn't mommy a good mommy?"
E: Shakes head no. Pauses then says, "She's a great mommy!"
D: "She is, She is!"
E: "But she's not perfect."

Where on earth did she get that??!!!!!!!!!!!

And some of her not-so-cute conversation skills include:
"Leave me alone!"
"Give me some space!"
And the one that every parent waits for... "*!#*@! it"

I need to talk to Simba about what she's teaching her...

Happy Weekend!

H, L & EML

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  1. Oh Ella is so funny. I'm sorry I missed you at the CNY party. I meant to email you back! I'm sorry. Maybe we can try for the Toledo Zoo when the weather gets nice. Ella is so adorably cute. And what a personality.
    Jill :)