Friday, May 20, 2011

You say it's your birthday, it's my birthday too!*

Ella and I had a wonderful birthday celebration yesterday. We got rolling early and went for breakfast with the man of the house before he headed to work, came home and readied the house for our gathering last night. I suppose the cupcakes don't surprise anyone? Since the weather didn't cooperate for outdoor celebrating, I brought the outdoors in with lanterns strewn about.

Each time the doorbell rang, she ramped it up a little bit. By the time everyone had arrived, she was impossible to contain. Running. Jumping. Dancing. Singing. In thinking back, I don't believe I held her more than ten seconds...a big difference from our mild little one a year ago.

The new easel was a big hit. (Bowl of strawberries at her feet...because creativity makes a girl hungry.)

'Dorothy' made a special appearance and we were amazed how much she reminded us of Roz!

Ella's Uncle Greg and cousins Matthew and Michael.

Did she really get the whole birthday party - singing, blowing out the candle, presents? Nah. In fact, I'm not certain if Ella still comprehends the party was for HER. It was a party. She had her peeps gathered on her stompin' grounds. Nothing else mattered. What was especially touching was the interaction between Ella and Roz. They really do have such a special relationship, and their antics provided superb entertainment.

I'll leave you with some more. Enjoy! Thanks for all the birthday love!

*"Birthday", The Beatles.

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