Saturday, May 14, 2011

Yes. I'm Behind.

I have had the best of intentions and really cannot blame fabulous weather as an excuse. (But for our zoo outing on Thursday of last week, the rain has been menacing.) Roz's grandparents are visiting from Florida. We packed up the girls, grandparents - Ella's grandma included - and explored our zoo for hours. Ella found time to dance, as you can see.

Roz did too. And Roz was a bit more brave about petting the animals. See how the girls have their sunglasses hanging from their shirts? This is the latest fashion craze. Such big girls.

When we finally sprung them from their strollers, photographing them was a challenge. I took our Flip video camera to show you the girls in motion.

Big week here. I'm pretty sure at least one girl has a birthday. Check back. Let's see if I can get back into a routine again!


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