Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cats and Kitchens.

(Ella, looking out into her yard thinking of all the things she could get into...)

A mysterious birthday gift arrived in Friday's mail. "Pete The Cat", a fantastic book about a cool cat and his shoes. Including today, one of us has read it (Ella included, reading it to Panda in her Ella-speak) about a dozen times since we unwrapped it. There was no note as to who sent it.

So, I'm putting it out there? We love it! Thank you! And please let us know?

As luck would have it, just as our nearly 16 year-old cat, Simba, is getting thinner and more feeble, Ella has struck up quite a friendship with her. She calls for her all the time trying to figure out where Simba may be hiding. Simba, for all her faults (we do love her, really) has become more patient with Ella. Because Ella is super, super bossy with her. Super.

Last night, we picked up the ultimate hand-me-down from our little friend Isabella. She's outgrown THE BEST KITCHEN EVER. We got it as far as the garage last night which made for the perfect play-time when KatieRoz came over for lunch today. There was one shoving match (Ella) at the kitchen sink requiring a Mama Intervention and attitude readjustment.

Please note how Ella is close to taking her out in this one...

And the follow-up expression.

H, L & EML


  1. It's from Hannah! So very glad that Ella loves it as much as Hannah does (though am not so pleased that amazon didn't send the gift note that I wrote...hmmm...). It's our absolute favorite - so much that when Hannah eats strawberries her first reaction is to shout "Oh no!" :)

  2. She is too cute! Love that look in the last picture!

  3. hi heather! don't know if you remember me. about the time you were leaving for ella, we talked on fcc about your adoption. i got to meet you thru suzie milam, if that rings a bell for you. anyway, while i don't post often, i do follow along always, enjoying ella and her growing years.
    had to post on these pics, tho! you know what is said, "two women sharing a kitchen is one too many!!":) these pics are adorable as are all of your ella posts!
    take care,hollymathewson