Thursday, May 5, 2011

You are my sunshine

One of Ella's favorite songs to sing is "You Are My Sunshine". She can sing the entire first verse by herself. And she does a nice job of keeping the tune. So much of her daily routines bring sunshine to us. My parents took this photo yesterday. Ella picked me flowers on her afternoon stroll with her grandparents and the boys (Blake and Bentley...the ever-so-wonderful shelties). Ella often takes walks with her daddy when I'm trying to get dinner ready. She greets me at the back door with a dandelion or violet then, too.

But make no mistake - in spite of her shining spirit (or maybe because of it?), the girl is unbelievably headstrong. This past week has been a burst of opposition in every form. It hasn't helped that the flu cloud has been over our house rendering me a single parent since the wee hours of Tuesday morning. (Poor Larry, still not back in the saddle at full swing.) There has been some serious head-butting going on!

And never was it quite so apparent then during our "Ella is Two!" photo shoot with NicoleLee Photography this past Saturday. She was not the same little pip who appeared on the other side of her camera lens a year ago. I have not a doubt in my mind that Nikki was able to capture our girl absolutely perfectly. I mean, take a look at the sneak peek and make up your own mind?!

Rest assured, we'll post more of Nikki's work soon. Until then, enjoy your Cinco de Mayo!



  1. [Sigh}....does this child ever take a bad picture? I think not. Can't wait to see more pics from NLP.
    Amy Meiring

  2. You thought you weren't going to have to deal with the "terrible twos"????
    Rosemary B.