Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Her name was Veronica.

We had a long-term relationship. She was often on the receiving end of my long-winded emails, my phone calls that begged for answers.

Veronica had to be pretty darn excited to finally make that referral call back on December 2, 2009.

Maybe she wasn't as excited as us to take that call. I remember how she paused and admitted not only was Ella quite young but incredibly beautiful.

I wonder what Veronica is up to these days. The adoption agency folded shortly after our travels to China. I remember her soothing voice and how completely unflappable she was. I remember her calling our hotel room in Kunming that first night, just as I was getting ready to give Ella her first bath. I remember her joy at our joy.

I hope I never forget her name or how her voice sounded that rainy evening six years ago.

Happy Referral Day to us! ~H

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