Wednesday, December 9, 2015

A Visit With Santa's Wife!

In a 36 hour period this past weekend, we crammed in just about as much Christmas cheer as we could. We all fell into bed on Sunday sad the weekend had to end. Saturday kicked off with our FCC family hanging out with Santa and Mrs. Claus.

It was pretty much cuteness overload.

Hiding in the back of the room coloring were Ella and Roz. Ella has strongly opposed getting near Santa from her very first Christmas. But when she had her BFF with her, it was easier to push them up on stage. Oh, and she had his wife...which is who she spoke with...the entire time! She wouldn't even look at Santa! I was thrilled she got THAT close. She asked for, "Shopkins, ponies, dresses, puzzles and books", because "Mom, Christmas isn't all about toys". (What the ????? Am I actually being heard?!)

With an hour or two to regroup that afternoon, we dressed in layers to hit our zoo for the festive lights. We drug along with us our friends - the Harrison's and the Hall's. 

 We went early to beat the rush of folks coming once it was dark. Brilliant move! As we were leaving the zoo, miles of cars were waiting to enter in every direction. Yay us! We treated ourselves to dinner out. The kids out-numbered us in energy.

Sunday was spent at our Valentine Theatre watching Ella's piano teacher perform in A Christmas Carol. We had perfect balcony seats.

Miss Gail!!!
 And although I am not a Dickens fan, this performance changed me - so much talent on one stage.

 As we left, we took time out for a family picture near a bike rack in front of the theatre. This isn't just any old bike rack but one that Larry designed. How cool is that!

Perhaps the best icing on the day was that in the form of a peppermint cake pop for our girl. She was such big fun all weekend.


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