Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Halls Decked.

Some of my favorite images from our Thanksgiving. :)

I did the new normal this decorating season: I let the artificial tree "rest and get used to it's surroundings" before bedazzling it with beads and baubles and ornaments. I do this because of Thomas and Mavis - but really just Thomas. Within 2 minutes of the tree being upright, he had scaled up 3/4 of it where he quickly got stuck. He is such a huge animal that he no doubt thought he could negotiate the climbing apparatus with the same ease that he did a year ago. I spent the next 20 minutes yelling at him to get out then gave up.

Surprisingly, no ornaments have shattered into a million pieces. He is still super curious about everything - like Baby Jesus and how he gnawed at the ears of the manger scene donkey until I had to hide the tired donkey from his sight.

 This year I unearthed the Christmas Village (that I had made for my mom many moons ago) from the depths of our attic. It is now in Ella's room where she falls asleep with it on every night. Because I am freakishly concerned about the wiring of some of these things, I sneak in and turn it off before I go to bed.

While Mama KT and Patrick were off enjoying some much deserved time in Vegas,we checked in on Roz a lot while she and her grandparents were holding down the fort back home. 

 And we did fun stuff.

 And we loved on our foster girl, Miss Hannigan, who has taken over every sink in their house.

We even managed to squeak in a little time at the Art Museum. Larry was with us too but he must have been hiding from the camera more than usual.


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