Thursday, April 16, 2015

Stay-cation Spring Break.

It rocked.

We had rain almost every day.

We didn't care.

Larry and I have spent the first three days back to the normal work-school routine missing our girl, for sure.

We had a huge Easter Egg Hunt with all of our Old Orchard families the day before Easter - about 90 people there, in all!

We had a little breakfast with Old State Line to re-fuel before heading off to celebrate Addy's fourth birthday!

Look at all that cuteness!

Aunt Kay sent a special delivery in the mail, and Ella read it cover to cover.

We did a special Easter manicure.

Ella rocked out her Grandma-made Easter dress. Christ rose from the dead and she apparently was feeling a little sassy about that.

We went to my brother Greg's house after Ah-men where he did not disappoint with his masterful Easter Egg Hunt.

It felt soooooo good to do this. We spent extra time cuddling and 'resting' (translation: I rested, she did not) with our relaxed schedule. 

Ella got to hook up with her neighbor buds on Tuesday morning.

She fell asleep HARD every night.

Our awesome zoo just unveiled the new and improved aquarium. Woah! We ventured out on a cold, rainy day with Piper, Oliver and their grown ups. No crowds!

We had to hit the Parakeet Retreat before leaving, so yeah, this was me.
And then lunch at an incredibly greasy spoon downtown where the mural was as good as the food.

More rain on Thursday but it didn't stop us from traveling to the Detroit Institute of Art for the awesome Kahlo/Rivera exhibit.

The rain stopped that evening, sun came out briefly then the tornado sirens screeched. Spring is here!
On Saturday, we had Roz over for the day so that her grown ups could get stuff done as they prep for their move (CLOSER TO US!!!). We spent the entire day outside working in the yard and playing.

In an effort to squeeze in a last bit of stay-cation fun, Ella and I hit the Art-o-matic event downtown Saturday evening where Larry was playing with the band.

And last but not least, was our book signing bash for our church friend, Olga. It was a packed house complete with Cuban music (compliments of Larry and Spencer).

My camera was smoking hot by the time Sunday came to a close. I left the book signing to photograph our friends' daughter for her senior pictures. It was a lovely day to be at our awesome art museum, even though my body was fifty kinds of tired.

Our girl...trooper...best third-wheel ever. It may not have been the beach in sunny Florida but dang if we didn't try to make it a good time. She was happy to go back to school and see her cool classmates and teacher. She also knows we are on the homestretch now - counting the weeks for summer break!


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