Thursday, April 2, 2015

Ella's World in 36 hours.

We are into our third session of Xiao Xiongmao Classes (Little Pandas) with our FCC group. Last week, there were 17 kids in attendance to learn all about birthdays, singing Happy Birthday in Mandarin, learning how to count to 10 in Mandarin and screw-balling with their buds. Miss Tina, the teacher (from China but living in our area) and the kids all seem to be finding their groove with one another. Our FCC group is really enjoying a surge in participation with a lot of new faces to the group. (Insert big silly grin here!)

A few hours later, we were cleaning ourselves up for a night with the symphony and five other families for a late night out. Ella had fun with the selfie remote, as you can see here.

This wasn't just any symphony performance but one that accompanied The Wizard of Oz in it's entirety. It was so much better than we expected. All of our children, eight in total, were perfect and riveted to all that was going on.


Then we opened our bed and breakfast to this little face, oh and her band too. Baby Ida is not much of a baby anymore. She is bright and beautiful and Mama Heather was in heaven to have a little one bee-bopping around.  
And  yes, she ended up in the sink - soaking wet fully clothed - while the rest of the crew chatted and ate.


It was perfect but not nearly long enough with our traveling troubadours. Ella tried so hard to be the big game player and stay awake for their arrival. She did not. :(

But hey, how perfect was her fortune cookie just days before?!! And guess who read this fortune ALL BY HERSELF?! She was a pretty big deal that day.


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