Thursday, April 2, 2015

Holy Week, are we ready for a break!

We are in the thick of Holy Week with Jesus Christ Superstar being played more, more discussions about last suppers and why Good Friday means no one goes to school. What a delicate balance for us as we steer through explaining our beliefs and also including information on other faiths.

It made getting her grade card even better this week:

When tested, she spelled the word good as God, capital G and everything. I hope she never forgets that God of ALL is just that - good.

Last night, Ella looked me square in the eye and said, "The Easter Bunny isn't real, is he? Someone does not dress up in a bunny suit and bring me candy in a basket while I'm sleeping. You do that...right?"

Thanks, Ella!!! You aren't even 6 years old yet! I was honest. I told her we did it all. She was so relieved that some freakish person dressed up in fur wasn't breaking into her home. She did promise to keep her mouth shut and not tell any of her friends. Santa is up next and I'm quite surprised she hasn't put two and two together on that one.

Larry has had a pretty active gig schedule with the band. Although Ella doesn't like it when he's gone, she does like getting to hang out in bed with me until he gets home.

So I see a lot of this. And I can't help myself because I think she is a stunning girl who is even more beautiful when she's sleeping.

Saturday morning, we got to meet up with my friend Samantha and her family. Sam (always Sam to me) and her husband adopted Drew and its been a special bond that brought us back together. We had a great visit with them. You can also see that Drew had fun with the selfie remote!

We even got to get all dressed up and stuff on Saturday night and be non-parents for the annual Arts Commission fundraiser. It was made even better by having some of my neighborhood mamas with me this year.

Thomas embracing Palm Sunday.

Roz and Ella hanging out on a perfect Sunday.

Yesterday was incredible just-warm-enough-to-break-a-sweat weather. Ella spent a lot of time bossing and supervising me. She changed into her red high heel sparkle shoes and grabbed an umbrella so that she could watch.

Our skin was pink and tingly from the sun. After five months of snow on the ground (or something pretty close to that), I could have cared less about sunburn. The Vitamin D infusion was more important!

We are looking forward to a break from school and work and schedules and early wake ups and packed lunches this week. Although we have no far-away plans for Spring Break, we do have some pretty wonderful tricks up our sleeves for day trips.

Happy Easter, Ella-Land!!!

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