Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thankful Travels.

I took this photo during Computer Lab at school. Another mom and I help out twice a week so that the teacher isn't pulling out her hair when the kids have computer glitches. I would help out every day if my work didn't get in the way. Ella got her mid-term report last week. She is doing quite well and has opened up and started participating much to the joy of her teacher and us. Rock on, Ella! Panda is with her every single day, stuffed gently in a separate compartment of her book bag. She never needs to see him during class but the moment she busts out of those front doors, she is frantically unzipping the bag to shove him to her face.

Thanksgiving was great this year. We did some baking in preparation for our travels. Ella and her trusty side-kick Mavis were a big help. Larry happened to be drumming during our kitchen adventures, and she busted out in this:
She is a riot and such a string bean!
Bright and early Thanksgiving morning, we headed to Ah-men to help coordinate the Thanksgiving meal deliveries...all 763 of them. What a wonderful way to start our thankfulness. 

Our buddy Sophie and her parents helped out for the first time this year!
We hit the road for John and Cathy's and all of her awesome cooking.

We managed to move our sleepy bodies to the movie theater to watch Penguins. Look at this deluxe set up! Best experience ever!

Round two of eating had Max wishing Ella would just drop one little crumb.

Friday morning, Ella and Christian talked over coffee and stuff (so cute). And Riley followed Ella around like a little shadow. What a difference a year can make! Ella was not a freak about Riley. Hooray!

Having siblings living in different cities can be a downer, but it eases the angst when your nephew and his family live just down the road from your brother. Getting to spend the afternoon with Trent, Kim and Abbott was another feather in the thankful cap.

We came home to a special package from Aunt Kay. A new snowman book by her children's author buddy, Will, and a new advent calendar. Every year without fail, Ella gets an advent calendar from her. Big fun.

We managed to get the tree up, decorated and secured. Why do we have to secure it? Well, because both cats get in the tree, occasionally get stuck and muck about. You will hear bells and glass clanging around at 4am, roll over in bed just knowing that at least one ornament could be injured from it all.

Happy Thursday, Ella-Land! ~H

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