Friday, December 12, 2014

Ella, I dig you.

Kindergartners have quite a bit of homework. It is manageable and she is more consistently eager to complete it. (It was touch and go for a while.) Of all the public schools in our city, her school is the only one to utilize this particular Success For All reading program. It is very methodical. It is all about Ella sounding out words and writing/spelling the way it sounds. Translation: We can't help and get in trouble when we do. For example, Ella spells the word "use" like "uz". Ella's reading has flourished in the last two weeks and her homework assignment from one night last week "I play the drums yith my dad." complete with an illustration of her banging on the drums with the sun, moon and stars overhead. Bravo, Ella!

We were fortunate enough to get an 8am Saturday haircut with our Deb.

Five inches later...
...we had this awesomeness!! Deb tried to talk me out of it. Since her last haircut in June, almost all of that had grown back and the tangled mess in her winter coat, hat - well it was driving me nuts, and Ella. In some ways, she looks more like Baby Ella to me but like this photo, she looks 15.

Fresh hair cut under our belts, we headed to Roz's early birthday party. SIX YEARS OLD? How is this possible? What big fun we all had together.

With two weeks to spare, we finally decked every hall that is going to be decked. Ella was great in her capacity as lighting engineer.

This is where I exaggerate my daughter's coolness. It may not be a big deal to some, but she watched the I Love Lucy Christmas Special with me on Sunday. She did this the entire time. Oh how I dig you, Ella Man Li...

~Happy Weekend, Ella-Land

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