Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Celebrations 2014.

Mama got run over by a reindeer...Well, no not exactly. But I did fracture my right (driving!) foot and have been in this ridiculous Velcro cast up to my knee. It has slowed me down which is probably a good thing. It also hindered our ability to be 'left-handed cooks' in the kitchen this Christmas. I'm sure we will make up for it in the slow months of winter.

Having my life-long friend Michelle as the nurse presenting this was the only saving grace.
We managed to hit some awesome events with me hobbling along, however: a Christmas celebration at one of our local Metroparks, and one of our newly renovated libraries.

Ella performed in her very first big girl school performance too. The gymnasium was standing room only. The cuteness was overflowing.

E and Teagan

Sharp-dressed Garland with E

Autumn, E and Amelia

Niyah and E

One of Ella's classmate's dad took a video of the adorable performance if you need to see it in action :) We were incredibly proud of her. I mean look at the smile on her face! She owned the place rarely looking for any of us for reassurance, and she sang loud and proud. Yay Ella!

Her last day of school before winter break was all about the letter P. PJ's. Polar Express. Popcorn. Pringles. Panda, of course. Jacob and she were pretty stoked at drop off on Friday morning.

Since then, we have had lots of fun at Ah-men with our buddies, and fit in a little time with Roz just before Christmas. Poor Roz and her family have been battling sickness for what seems eternity. Before the day was over, we threw the girls in a bubble bath. I'll be so sad when the day comes that they don't want to do this anymore.

We got to hang out with Drew, Jenni, Ruthy and our kids this past week, too. The ages span from 5 - 24 years old. Ella fit right in with them and especially loved Mitchell (can you tell?).

Mavis is continuing to have issues with getting stuck in the Christmas tree. She just isn't as stealth as her brother...or as smart. God love her, she is beautiful though.

One of my most favorite traditions is to save one gift for Christmas Eve morning and go shopping. I promise you it is a whole different vibe that morning, and yes, filled with quite a few male shoppers :) Ella and I headed out for some fun. She wore her new shoes to break them in for later on.

Christmas Eve was beautiful at Ah-men and I even managed to get the camera out before we left and I'm so glad I did. My girl looked exquisite in her dress from Grandma and perfect little bun piled on top of her head.

Mavis a little put out that she wasn't included.

After church, we snuggled into our bed with popcorn and watched Charlie Brown's Christmas. Amazingly, Ella kept asking to go to bed so that she could hurry up with the sleep part and rush Santa's arrival.

Christmas morning did not disappoint, even though we did hear her bumble, "I didn't get that pom pom panda I asked him for..." before the morning was over.

We hope you are enjoying your family and friends during this holiday and maybe even a little break from work. We hope you're relaxing and napping, reading a good book that Santa brought, too. 2015 is quickly approaching. May it be a year filled with more peace...for everyone.


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