Thursday, August 21, 2014

She came back.

The BFF had an amazing time with her family and friends down in Florida. But let's just call an ace an ace: we are happier now that she is back home.

Katie and I signed up the girls for one camp this summer and made it count! They had yoga camp with Miss Erin last week and it went very well. The girls were thrilled to see her again. And I was thrilled to hear how good they both behaved that day.

And this is where you learn about how I found this incredible little gem just a few short miles away from our front door. A camel farm, people...and not just a camel farm but a petting zoo as well. Jackpot! Did you ever think you'd see these two fools riding a camel? Well, we weren't the only two: Katie and Roz did it too. It was the best $10 I have spent in a year. We all laughed such huge belly laughs.
There were peacocks, goats, sheep, zebras, a ze-donk (yes, it was awkward), chickens, baby chicks, wallabies, bunnies, parrots, parakeets, alpacas, llamas, lemurs and TWENTY THREE camels.  Geez, almost forgot the smallest frog we've ever seen: see below me trying to kiss Prince Charming.

Since the place was new on our radar, we went in with low expectations. We were delightfully blown away. And who knew camels were so darn social?! Our city girls got into the groove and were feeding the animals all by hand comfortably. We cannot wait to bring some friends along our next trip up.

PS: Yes, wearing jackets in August...crazy weather this summer.

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