Sunday, August 24, 2014

Art lovers who slumber.

The end of summer means morning glory time. How perfectly this sweet little heart-shaped leaf greeted me on Tuesday morning. It was time for Adventure Day Two. 
We had tricks up our sleeves today. We started out by hitting the art museum. It seems every other parent and care-giver had the same idea: one last visit to the Family Center before school begins. Wow was it packed!! We honored the anniversary of our funky glass pavilion by making 'glass' chandeliers. Roz was a Frozen theme and Ella wanted all black but could only find one strand. Yep, consistent little things. Blake is pictured here with her creation, too.

I love this painting.
Then we went outside to blow off some stink. Our museum is stunning on so many levels. The exterior is not to be dismissed, for sure. We could have watched them run around against this backdrop all afternoon.

Even Panda and Cat enjoyed the view.

We went our separate ways and told the girls we may see each other later on in the day or evening. Liars, we are. We had it all planned out for the girls to have their first slumber party at Roz's house. Because it was the first EVER, I knew I was packing my bag to stay in the guest room just in case we had a 2am meltdown. The girls were screeching fools when they found out. Ella found out first because she saw me packing. She was the one who got to tell Roz (who just thought we were coming over to hang out for a bit.) They ran and screeched and ran and screeched. So when it was time to start settling down, this is what it looked like...

By 10:39pm, they had both stopped giggling and talking. They let their tired little bodies give in. And they slept. All night. With no 2am meltdowns. Whew. Before leaving, we grabbed suits and hit the pool at "Aunt Anne's" house, the gracious next door neighbor who allows us to invade her backyard during the summertime. It was a perfect ending to a great stay at the Roz B&B.

I was being eaten alive by a dragon and a dolphin.

And just more proof how far Ella has come, she can swim next to Roz from one side of the pool to the next! Summer, we wish you could give us just another month - just like this.


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