Saturday, August 23, 2014

One Entire Week Off!

We called it Adventure Week. In a move I haven't made since my adoption leave, I blocked out an entire five consecutive days off from work. I usually plan them for long weekends, etc. But since this was the last week for Ella and Roz to enjoy their weekly time together before school begins, I wanted to make it special for them and for Katie and me.
So we hit the road for the Lake Erie shores for Adventure Day One.

And it was great.

And super windy.

And for those that don't think Lake Erie can be a fierce presence, check out those whitecaps. I will say that this is not the area experiencing the horrendous algae bloom situation (still ongoing saga, by the way).
Hard to tell who is having more fun here - Roz or Mama Heather.

We came back later that day to find this in our back garden - just one more reminder of the cool stuff going on all around us...if you just keep your eyes open.


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