Monday, December 9, 2013

Thanksgiving...only two weeks late!

I applaud my blogging friends. How they keep on top of it is beyond me. I do realize that one of my biggest problems (not really a problem, but..) is that my camera is always in hand. Whether it is my Nikon or my smart phone - always in reach. Then I have to get that photo to this place while juggling my full-time job and Ella and kittens and dinner and Larry and stuff.

We had our usual routine on Thanksgiving: first stop was church then we hit the road for my brother and sister-in-law's for a feast and sleep-over.

This year our church prepared and delivered 768 Thanksgiving meals to our community. Wow, wow, wow. Our oven was on nearly continuously for two days as we prepared pies and cakes for the dessert room.

Ella was a big helper in the kitchen.

One of my all-time favorites came to help with deliveries. Nikki brought her family, her brother and her mama to help deliver the meals. Her son Josh did a nice job eating donuts, as you can see from the photo.

And while people scurried around, delivery boxes stacked up everywhere, turkeys and stuffing and green beans in roasters all over the fellowship hall, Ella sat and played in the middle of the floor. Like she was home. What a wonderful image, of her so comfortable at our church...Proud Mama Moment.

My sister-in-law Cathy prepared an incredible feast, as always. And Dad brought along his carving knife and did the honors.

Libby and Christian with his favorite Aunt.

Christian with Mom. He makes everyone look short.

Haley and Ella screw-balling.

My brother got a great fire going that evening and spent some time with his girl for fireside chats.

Black Friday Ads - Jackpot for Ella!

Riley enjoyed that warm fire too.

Before we left on Friday, Ella had to administer some doctoring to Riley. This little guy absolutely adores Ella. Once she has a few hours to get used to him, the feeling is mutual. And he is ever-so patient with her antics.
Their front yard gave way to a wonderful sunrise, and traipsing in the fresh snowfall. Ella. Loves. Snow.

Larry and shadow fun.

Me too, of course.
This photo is perfect in so, so many ways.

This is the first time we've left our kittens over night. They were unbelievably happy to see us walk in that door!

16 days til' Christmas, folks. Hard to believe, but I'm behind. But the house is decorated!

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