Saturday, December 28, 2013

Merry Christmas, Baby!

This past week has been simply awesome. We kicked off Christmas Eve with our first visit from Abbott, Trent and Kim. Josie and Jasper came as well. Thomas and Mavis recovered gracefully once those two killer dogs were out of the house.

Oooohhh. Eggs!

Brightest eyes ever Abbott!


My big girl.

Abbott is growing leaps and bounds. It was a wonderful afternoon with them.

My mom simply outdid herself this year on Ella's Christmas dress. She looked so stunning.

Christmas Eve church pew cousins!

A very big milestone: Ella hugs our pastor, always the bashful one with him.

Ella worked long and hard on her note for the jolly old man. She left cookies and milk for him; carrots and salad for the reindeer.

Thomas was beside himself with the presents under the tree...SO many things to destroy!
Christmas morning wonder.

Santa listened. He brought the much coveted glow pet turtles. My word, was she happy.

Panda was never far, taking it all in.

Ella made sure she had her camera at the ready to capture Grandma and Papa opening up the Christmas ornament she made last month.


Even though nearly half of our family was home sick with the flu (awesome timing), we had a great time at my parents' house Christmas night.
Haley, Christian and Allison

Ornery little imp.


Ella and her Uncle Greg

Ella went to bed on the 25th asking, "So, does Santa come again in the morning?" There has been some dinnertime discussion since on whether Santa is still watching and whether she still has to be on good behavior.

The house is still a disaster of new cars, trains, books, castle building blocks, play kitchen equipment and puzzles. Order will be restored soon enough. Until then, we trip over it all trying to keep the kittens from stealing the small pieces.

We hope your Christmas was merry and bright like ours.

This year she really got it. It was that magical time when all the folklore and traditions seemed to click for her. Above all the commercialism, we somehow managed to instill the first Christmas Story into that sweet little head. I am pretty sure playing the part of The Donkey helped.

Happy New Year to all!


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