Saturday, December 21, 2013


2013 Donna Ruth Crew
A snow storm didn't stop us. Family and friends gathered from Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and here on Sunday to celebrate our annual Donna Ruth feast. It was such a wonderful day. We were beyond happy to have Marie, Jesse and the girls travel after Marie's most recent surgery. In fact, we delayed the gathering to ensure her ability to attend.

It was a day of thankfulness and laughter...and food.

Ella with Kaia and Haruna, their Japanese exchange student and instant family member.

Girls rock!
Brother and sister, solving the world's problems!
We even Skyped with Grant who was just rolling out of bed in Korea. Larry didn't want Grant to feel left out so he enjoyed his favorite noodles live. (Note Grant's mouth WIDE open).

Before we all parted ways, Marie gave us HOPE rings in honor of oral cancer survivors. I've had mine on ever since.

At some point this week I realized that since my Grandma passed away 11 years ago, we've actually become closer - we are much more intentional about our relationships with her gone, perhaps. Although I'm sure she was smiling down on all of us as we prepared her recipes and shared them, she smiled bigger at our love and friendships.

Ella only has the re-telling of stories, the food and the photographs. More than that, I hope she's learning the bigger stuff, too. I DO know that she was ecstatic to have her family in every nook of her home laughing together.


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